41 (12 KO) - 8 - 1

Height: 5'8"

Reach: 67"

United Kingdom


Ashley “Treasure” Theophane is a British boxing light welterweight champion. Theophane’s amicable demeanor is a direct result of being raised in a large family; he has a brother, a sister and many cousins while his parents have 25 siblings between them. Born and raised in a tough area of London, a hotbed for negativity and violence, Theophane knew he was destined for something greater than what the local peers accepted as their fate. The negativity around Theophane propelled him to chase success by focusing on the positive around him. “Nothing is impossible. Set a goal and work towards making it happen,” he opines.


At age 22, with no money in his bank account, little support back in the UK, Theophane left for New York. He took to fighting in small halls across the world, training relentlessly, sparring with the very best, and learning the art of winning. His hard work and determination would pay dividends; earning him title fights internationally and worldwide. On February 19, 2011 at the world renowned Wembley Arena in London, Theophane won his first British Lightweight Welterweight title in front of thousands of hometown fans, by knocking down Lenny Daws twice in the ninth round, winning by UD.


At 30+ years old, Theophane showed no signs of slowing down. Trained by Harry Keitt, talent and determination have brought Ashley Theophane this far and he now stands on the precipice of greatness – a giant step that he can and will take. For some – he remains a mysterious and softly spoken ‘outsider’ who has let his talent do the talking – for others, he exudes the very best traits that any mentor or role model could instill. His journey exemplifies the art, tactics, and reading of the sport as much as the requisite physical conditioning. Outside of the ring you can catch Theophane: traveling, or in a conversation discussing politics and current affairs, or working with kids helping them discover their own potential.

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