Super Flyweight

19 (5 KO) - 2 - 5

Height: 5'4"

Chico, CA


Light Flyweight (108)  to bantamweight (118), Ava Knight-Salicka, was born August 15, 1988, in the little town of Chico California. Half Polish and half African-American. As a child, Ava never played sports but she did to ballet in her younger years. In school she was very quiet and went through life thought of as a loner, so what better sport for her to start than a sport where you fight and stand alone. 


Ava started boxing at Chico Boxing for Fitness in June of 2001, at the age of 13. Not knowing she had the talent to compete, she attended the gym and boxed after one year of training. Through her amateur boxing career, she had a hard time getting fights which led to multiple fights with the same people. She finished her amateur career in 2007 with a record of 28-4 including winning CA Golden Gloves multiple times and taking second in nationals at 110 in 2006.


Ava was given her ring name "The Lady of Boxing" by her former coach Joe Rodriguez, because of the way she carried herself in the gym, never cursing and always being polite.  She didn't like the name at first but it has come to grow on her. She trained 8 years strong with Joe who built her foundation of her fundamentals along with his son Louis Rodriguez and her father Elliot.


After an abusive relationship, and her coach retiring, at the age of 21 she decided to move to Oakland blindly and pursue boxing, giving up school and her job. She started with her new coach Ben Bautista and started a 9-5 working in the gym she was training out of. After not being able to afford anything, she had no choice but to live in the gym and try to keep pursuing her career and started training for her first world title shot. Waking up in the gym in Oakland, CA, doing road work, cooking her breakfast in a microwave with whatever she was able to scrap up she trained hard and achieved her goal of becoming the flyweight female IBF world champion knocking out Mexico’s undefeated champion in 2011. After that fight, it was a successful career of fighting top girls in Mexico, fighting them in her home towns and being dubbed the “Destroyer of Mexicans” by the people of Mexico.


Ava continued to give up a lot in her life to continue and fought on to win multiple titles living in the gym until she decided to follow her coach to Las Vegas in hopes for getting more fights in 2014. Moving 8 times trying to figure out her life, she only fought two times in 2015 because of the slim chances of having acceptable fights. She continues to strive for becoming a champion again.

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