Light Heavyweight

19 (12 KO) - 5 - 3

Height: 5'10"

Las Vegas, NV


Lanell “KO” Bellows was born in Kansas City, Missouri on November 27, 1985. He maintains that his upbringing provided him with an indestructible mentality. At a young age, Bellows found himself caught up in numerous fights, naturally deciding that boxing was what he wanted to do. Despite the lack much amateur experience, his innate ability lends credence to his promise as a professional. Bellows’ first professional fight took place on February 17, 2012 in Phoenix, Arizona when he TKO’d an overmatched Amado Gonzalez in the first round. Bellows is not just a boxing success story; he’s also a father, brother, and son who puts his family at the center of his world. Checking out the latest movie release, spending time with his kids, and playing basketball are just a few of the ways that Bellows spends his free time. He says if he weren’t boxing he’d be a barber.


He attributes his early success as a professional to the training he has received from his former  coach Rafael Ramos. Bellows believes that Ramos helped him make the leap from fighting aimlessly as a kid to boxing with focus as a professional. His focus, foundation, and access to the best boxing resources in the world will surely keep “KO” on right track in becoming a great boxer under the Mayweather Promotions and Affiliation Management banner. Bellows remains hungry as a fighter and looks ahead to his next matchup in the squared circle. With a new head trainer in his corner Lou Del Valle, Bellows believes this will be a knockout year for him. Bellows is fearless and eager to continue learning through his peers and mentors in the sport, and has been transparent that he will take on anyone in the ring.

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