Light Heavyweight

19 (11 KO) - 5 - 0

Height: 5'11"

Reach: 75"

Buffalo, NY


Lionell Thompson was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. Thompson learned at an early age that he would be his own guide in life, along with the support of church members. He began working out at the local gym at the age of 16. One of the trainers took notice to his skills, and asked had he ever boxed, adding that he had the potential to make a living in the sport. Overcoming much adversity in his life, Thompson went on to graduate high school and attended college at Buffalo State University.


Thompson was a decorated amateur with over 100 wins. He was a five-time New York state Golden Gloves champion, and three-time Empire State champion. Thompson made his professional debut on February 2, 2009 against Zaid Malik. Thompson moved to Las Vegas, NV in the summer of 2014, where Floyd Mayweather saw him in action inside the ring and told Thompson he would sign him. It didn’t happen right away. Thompson was patient and remained focused on working hard everyday until he was signed to Mayweather Promotions’ and Affiliation Management growing stable of fighters.


Thompson credits his trainers Donald Patterson and Otis Pimpleton for his success and describes them as being the best trainers in the world, stating that, “They know boxing, they can tell me something and I never second guess it.” Lionell says his skill level makes him different from his competition. He believes he will reach his ultimate goal if he preserves his body, maintains a healthy diet, and stays in shape. Thompson’s main focus is becoming a world champion and the first person from his hometown to do it. Keys to his success are praying and working until he can’t work anymore. “When I train I go until my body says stop, that’s how I know I’m ready.”

Lionell Thompson
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